What's new in Expert Lotto 5.1

Expert Lotto version 5.1 is a major release which brings significant improvements over previous releases. You can find the list of new features below.

Automated Predictions

The goal of all lottery strategies is the prediction of winning numbers that will hit in the next draw. Lottery players in most cases search for the most frequent or the least frequent numbers, then examine the latest winning numbers and/or their statistical properties trying to guess what is the most likely to happen in the next draw.

Expert Lotto has built-in tool which automates the prediction process to some extent. The application will search through selected past draws and compare them with the latest winning numbers to predict the numbers and statistical properties that are expected in the coming draw. As all other Expert Lotto features, the predictions are based on solid math. With the same input data and the same settings the predictor will always provide the same, reproducible results. There is no magical black-box spitting out different numbers each time it is clicked. Expert Lotto predictor is based on pattern matching algorithm which is widely used in many other computer-assisted fields – facial recognition, statistical data analysis, signal processing etc.

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Package Optimizer

If you have just finished applying all the filters according to your lottery strategy and the resulting set of tickets is too large for your betting budget, then there are two options. Either continue filtering with the risk of making an error in your estimates and filtering out the winning tickets. Or use Optimizer filter to reduce the count of tickets and aim for lower tier prizes.

With this filter you can remove surplus tickets while maintaining the required win guarantee. For example you can filter like this: I want to have 100% guarantee of matching at least 3 winning numbers when I hit any 6 numbers.

Using Optimizer filter you can reduce the wheel size by several orders of magnitude and still have 100% guarantee of winning some of the lower tier prizes.

New Filters

Trend Predictor

Adjacent Digits

Adjacent Numbers

Number Movement Patterns

First/Last Digits Movement

Digits Movement Patterns

Digits Patterns

Digits Count

Draw Groups

Highest Match

Knight's Move

Number Group Patterns

Odd/Even Numbers Sum

Low/High Numbers Sum

Odd/Even Sum Range

Sum's Last Digit

Positions Sum Range

Unique Number Differences

New Statistics

Adjacent Digits

Combined Statistics

Draw Intervals

Number Movement Patterns

Digits Movement Patterns

Digits per Ticket

Knight's Move

Number Group Repeats

Other Improvements

Charts exported as images automatically open in the default application associated with graphical files.

It is possible to change the background color of chart windows. It is useful when printing out exported charts.

Edit fields in Check Package Winnings window are pre-initialized with current What-If numbers.

When running a History draw simulation it is possible to refine the ranges that are automatically transferred to My Estimates window.

Added Coefficient of variation indicator to analyzer tables.

Adjacent Numbers filter and statistics have been extended with new options.

Added Reset button to Insert Tickets window to clear all numbers from ticket panel.

It is possible to include or exclude bonus numbers from frequency-based number coloring.

Clicking into any of History charts will automatically select the draw nearest to mouse cursor and display its numbers and statistical properties in Ticket Panel and Ticket Properties windows respectively.



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