Number Coloring

Number Coloring is a tool to enhance visual perception of ticket numbers displayed in various tables.


  1. Open lottery Expert Lotto 6/49.
  2. Click menu Winning Numbers - Show As - Table.
  3. Click Select button in Winning Numbers Table window and select All draws.
  4. Click Date column header to sort the draws in descending order.
  5. Highlight the 10 latest draws in the table.
  6. Press On/Off button in number coloring toolbar to turn the number coloring on: numbercoloring.png

The winning numbers table will look like this:

You may note that for example number 4 in draw 2010/26 Wed 2nd has white background. That is because number 4 hasn't been found in the selected 10 latest draws. On the other hand number 18 in the same draw has blueish background to indicate that it appears two times in the selected draws. Number 6 in draw 2010/25 Wed 1st has yellow background which means it was drawn three times within the latest 10 draws.

This way you can quickly evaluate the frequency of each pool number in the selected set of draws or tickets because number coloring generated from winning numbers table is automatically transferred to other application windows displaying draws, tickets or just separate ticket numbers. If you find number coloring too distracting you can turn it off by clicking On/Off button in the toolbar: numbercoloring.png
You can also hide number coloring toolbar using menu View - Toolbars - Number Coloring to turn it off.

Click menu Tools - Options - Number Coloring - Ticket Tables to customize the default colors. The options window also contains switch Include bonus numbers. When this switch is turned off then the number frequency coloring will be calculated from the main numbers of selected tickets only.

Switching Windows

The current number coloring depends on current active window. For example:

  1. Generate number coloring from 10 latest draw by following the example above.
  2. Click menu Winning Numbers - Analyze to start a New Analyzer wizard.
  3. Click button Select in the wizard window to select All draws and click button Next.
  4. Pick Ticket Positions from the Available Statistics list and click button Finish.
  5. A new Analyzer window opens showing the occurrences of pool numbers at the first ticket position for the whole lottery history:
    Note that the table automatically shows the current number coloring and the combo box in number coloring toolbar reads 10 tickets - which are 10 latest draws selected in Winning Numbers Table.
  6. Sort the table by the Occurrence column and select six numbers that appear most frequently at the first ticket position:
    Note that the selected numbers are highlighted with yellow color and number coloring combo box shows the new selection.
  7. Switch back to Winning Numbers Table window and the number coloring will change back to the 10 latest draws.
  8. Click menu Package - Insert - Full Wheel and insert 1000 tickets with numbers 1 to 49 into the Package. Note that the ticket panel also displays the current coloring.
  9. Click menu Package - Show As - Table to open Package Table window:
    The ticket numbers are colored according to number occurrences in 10 latest draws selected in Winning Numbers Table window.
  10. Activate the Analyzer window - number coloring changes to highlight 6 selected numbers. Now switch back to Package Table window:
    Number coloring always picks the colors from the last active window that has any tickets or numbers selected.
If you want to disable automatic number coloring updates when switching windows, click Lock button in number coloring toolbar:  unlock.png
That makes the current number coloring permanent until you click Unlock button again:  lock.png

Built-in Number Coloring

Besides the number coloring based on the occurrences of selected numbers you can also choose one of the built-in number coloring schemes using combo box in number coloring toolbar: