Digits Movement Patterns

Digits Movement shows how first/last digits changed when compared with previous draw.

For example the latest two draws in Expert Lotto 6/49 Demo lottery are:

2010/28 Sun 2nd 23 29 36 42 44 47 [07]
2010/28 Sun 1st 06 13 14 19 41 42 [29]

So the movement of first digits in draw 2010/28 Sun 2nd is ++++==
That means the first digits at the first four ticket positions are greater than first digits at the same positions in previous draw. And that the last two first digits are the same as in previous draw.

The movement of last digits in the same draw is -++-++
That means the last digit at the first ticket position is lower than in the previous draw (see the last digit 3 in the latest draw and the last digit 6 in the previous draw). The next two ticket positions have higher last digits. The last digit of number 42 in the latest draw is 2 which is lower than the last digit 9 of number 19 from the previous draw. Hence "-" sign in the property value. The last two last digits are greater than the last digits in the previous draw.

These statistics are available in summary form and also as per-ticket properties.

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