Number Movement Patterns

Number Movement Patterns compares the number of analyzed draw/ticket with the winning numbers of the previous draw.

For example the latest three draws in Expert Lotto 6/49 Demo lottery are:

2010/28 Sun 2nd 23 29 36 42 44 47 [07]
2010/28 Sun 1st 06 13 14 19 41 42 [29]
2010/28 Wed 2nd 02 13 16 17 25 40 [27]

The Number Movement Pattern for draw 2010/28 Sun 2nd is ++++++ because all its winning numbers are greater than numbers at appropriate position in the previous draw.

The movement pattern for draw 2010/28 Sun 1st is +=-+++. The first winning number is 6 which is greater than number 2 at previous draw, so the first part of number movement pattern value is "+". The second number, 13, is the same as in previous draw, so the pattern continues with "=" sign. Number 14 is lower than number 16 at the same position in previous draw, so the next part of movement pattern is "-". The rest of the winning numbers are greater than the numbers in previous draw, so the movement pattern ends with "+++".

These statistics are available in summary form and also as per-ticket properties.

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