Select Draws

This window opens up to select past draws from your winning numbers database. For example after clicking Select button in Winning Numbers Table window.

Option Jackpot Winners Only further restricts the draw selection to include only draws in which some lottery player hit the Jackpot (1st prize). This option is available only when you mark one or more draws as Jackpot winners either when adding past draws or when managing your winning numbers database. Jackpot winning draws show a dollar ($) sign in their draw date when displayed in various application tables and lists.

Additionally you can use check boxes at the bottom of the window to further restrict the draw selection. For example select Saturday draws only or choose evening draws only. The check boxes depend on the draw schedule of the current lottery.

 A message at the bottom of this window indicates how many draws will be selected with the current settings.

If you play a lottery that draws one or more bonus numbers from the same pool as the main numbers this window may offer another option to include the bonus number(s) into the main numbers.

For example when playing Expert Lotto 6/49 demo lottery you can click Select button in Winning Numbers Properties window and tick option Merge bonus to main numbers. The statistical table will show selected past draws as if seven main numbers were drawn and the bonus number will be sorted into appropriate position in the main numbers. Also all the statistical properties will be recalculated for the seven main numbers so you will see for example odd/even ratio of e.g. 4:3.

Press OK button to confirm your selection, press Cancel to revert your changes.

See also Cut-off Draw Date and Draw Date Pre-Filter.