Cut-off Draw Date

When cut-off draw date is set then the winning numbers for the given draw and all following draws are 'hidden' from the winning numbers database and will not show in any application window. This is very useful for back-testing of your lottery strategies. You can hide one or more latest draws and then investigate, which combination of filters yields the expected winning numbers.

The cut-off draw date is adjustable in the main toolbar area. First toggle the cut-off date on by clicking this button cutoffdate.png, then choose the desired date in the combo box next to it. All draws with selected date and all following draws won't show in any application window except for the Winning Numbers Manager. If the toolbar isn't showing click menu View - Toolbars - Cut-off Draw Date to turn it on. Another way to temporarily hide some draws is offered in Winning Numbers Manager window.

 When the cut-off draw date is on then you can hover your mouse above the combo box in the toolbar to see the winning numbers of the selected draw.

To see again all the draws from the winning numbers database click cutoffdate.png button again or turn the cut-off date toolbar off using menu View - Toolbars.

 When cut-off draw is active then draw selection fields start with a star sign (*) to indicate that some draws are hidden.

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