Draw Date Pre-Filter

If a lottery draws winning numbers only in certain days of the week or if there are multiple sets of winning numbers on each day then this tool allows to select which days or draws are included in the selection of past winning numbers. These settings are applied before any selection of past draws throughout the whole application.
This way it's easily possible to filter or analyze particular draws or days of week without adjusting your saved complex filters or custom analyzers.

The draw date pre-filter is adjustable in the main toolbar area. First toggle the pre-filter on by clicking this button cutoffdate.png, a dialog window will pop up where you can tick the draw(s) or day(s) you are interested in. Draws and days that are not ticked in this window won't show in any application window except for the Winning Numbers Manager. If the toolbar isn't showing click menu View - Toolbars - Draw Date Pre-Filter to turn it on.

To work again with all the draws from the winning numbers database click pre-filter.png button again or turn the toolbar off using menu View - Toolbars.

 When draw date pre-filter is active then draw selection fields start with a star sign (*) to indicate that some draws are hidden.

See also Draw Date Cut-off