Winning Numbers Manager

Menu command Winning Numbers - Edit opens Winning Numbers Manager window showing all past draws from your winning numbers database.

Editing winning numbers

To change numbers for an existing draw - for example because you made a mistake when adding new draws, click the draw date you want to modify. The fields above the table are populated with the selected draw date and winning numbers. Enter new ticket numbers and click Replace button at the top-right corner of the window.
Option Jackpot allows marking the selected draw date as Jackpot winning draw. That means that some lottery player got all the winning numbers right on that draw date and won the Jackpot / 1st prize.
When adding a new draw to winning numbers database first select appropriate draw date in the fields above the table - note that Replace button changes to Add button. Then enter the new winning numbers and click Add button.

Removing draws

Button Remove deletes the selected draw(s) from the database. Regularly scheduled deleted draws automatically reappear in Add Winning Numbers window.

Hidden draws

Tick the check box in the last table column to hide a draw. Hidden draws remain in winning numbers database however such draws are not included in the selection of past draws in other application windows. You can use this feature to temporarily remove one or more latest draws to back-test your lottery strategies. When one or more draws are hidden then draw selection fields start with a star sign (*) to indicate that some draws are hidden.
Note: An alternative approach for such back-testing is Cut-Off Draw Date.

Out-of-schedule draws

Each lottery has a fixed schedule when the winning numbers are drawn. It can be for example daily or once a week on Sundays or twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. Sometimes a draw may be postponed to other day because there's e.g. public holiday on the scheduled draw day. Draws that are out of the regular schedule are displayed using red color in winning numbers tables.

Void draws

If no winning numbers were drawn on a scheduled date you can mark that draw date as void in Add Winning Numbers window. Such draw dates are displayed using strike-through font. You must tick Show all entries option to see such draws in this window.

When you are done editing your winning numbers database, click button Save to store the changes to disk and refresh all application windows that display winning numbers.
Button Cancel reverts all changes and keeps the winning numbers database intact.

 Click Date column to sort the table in ascending or descending order. Click Hidden column to show all hidden draws together at the top or at the bottom of the table.