Statistics Options


Options Moving average specify the count of data points to calculate moving average values in winning numbers charts and in interval sequence charts respectively.

Statistical Properties

In this options panel you can customize Package Properties and Winning Numbers Properties windows. Use check boxes in Package properties and in Winning numbers properties lists to show or hide statistical properties. Each item in the list corresponds to one column (or several column in case of positional statistical properties) in Package Properties or Winning Numbers Properties windows respectively.

tip It is possible to change the columns visible in statistical tables by clicking Columns button in their upper left corners. That opens Select Columns window where you can tick the statistical properties you wish to see.

Draws settings at the bottom of the options window selects past draws for statistical properties which are based on winning numbers. For example selecting 10 latest draws means that statistical properties like Repeating Numbers will search for repeating numbers in the 10 latest draws.

Option Decimal places defines the count of decimal places to be used in statistical tables.

Option Show table row numbers in a tooltip applies to statistical tables in Analyzer window. When this option is on then hovering mouse cursor over any analyzer table row shows the row number in a tooltip. This can be useful especially when evaluating statistical tables with a large number of rows.

Combined Statistics

This panel lists Combined Statistics that are available for the current lottery. Click button Add to setup new combined statistics. The button opens a new window where you can combine up to five different statistical properties together. Use combo boxes to select the desired statistics and enter some descriptive name for the new statistics into Title field. The name will then shown in statistical tables and charts. Click button Ok and analyze past winning numbers draws or tickets in the Package to see the values of the new combined statistics.

To customize existing combined statistics, first select them in the list, then click button Modify.

To create a copy of existing combined statistics, first select them in the list, then click button Duplicate.

Button Remove permanently deletes the selected combined statistics. If you (accidentally) remove all combined statistics, the application will automatically recreate the default ones which are included in default Expert Lotto distribution.

Buttons Move Up and Move Down change the position of select combined statistics. The order of statistics in the list matches the order of statistics in Ticket Properties window and in Package Properties and Winning Numbers Properties windows.


Option Show background colors in statistical properties tables toggles cell background colors for Winning Numbers Properties and Package Properties tables respectively to allow easier perception of displayed values. When turned on each table column will have different background color. If the table has more than 10 column then the colors sequence will repeat. The colors are adjustable by clicking the colored buttons.

Vertical Pairs Sum

This panel allows to select up to three draw distances for Vertical Pairs Sum statistical properties in Winning Numbers Properties and Package Properties windows.

Note: This options panel opens from menu Tools - Options - Statistics.