Statistical Properties

The winning numbers of each draw define various properties that can be tracked and evaluated from the statistical point of view. The statistical properties are based either solely on winning numbers of a given draw, for example the ratio of odd and even numbers or the sum of all winning numbers, or the statistical properties may relate to other winning numbers draws, for example how many numbers repeat from previous draw(s).

Most of the statistical properties have corresponding ticket filter which allows removing tickets that do (not) have the desired properties. You can see the statistical properties of past draws in a table using menu Winning Numbers - Show As - Properties

Some statistical properties are available in charts where you can see the progression of the property over the selected past draws. It is usually more convenient and easier to estimate  the statistical properties for the coming draws using these charts. Click menu Winning Numbers - Show As - Charts to open the charts window.

To see statistical properties of tickets in the Package, click menu Package - Show As - Properties.

You can also use menu Tools - Ticket Properties to open Ticket Properties window which displays the statistical properties of a ticket/draw selected in currently active window. Just click a ticket/draw in any of the following windows to see the statistical properties of that ticket/draw in Ticket Properties window:

See also Summary Statistics.