Package Properties

Menu command Package - Show As - Properties opens Package Properties window showing a table of statistical properties of tickets in the Package. Each table row represents one ticket in the Package, each table column corresponds to a statistical property. You can customize the columns using menu Tools - Options - Statistics.
The top-left corner of this window shows Columns button which opens Select Columns window where you can choose which statistical properties should show in this window. It can be useful when there are too many table columns.

 Drag column headers to reorder table columns, drag column header borders to resize table columns.

 Click menu File - Export to export the table to CSV or MS Excel file.

Status bar at the bottom of this window shows the index of currently selected ticket and the total count of tickets in the Package.

 Use menu Edit - Find to search for a ticket with given numbers. Use menu Edit - Replace to change ticket numbers in currently selected ticket. Use menu Edit - Delete to remove currently selected ticket(s) from the Package.