Column Selection

This window opens after clicking Columns button in the upper left corner of Winning Numbers Properties window or Package Properties window.

The window shows a list of all available statistical properties. Each row in this window corresponds to one or more columns in the statistical table. Only ticked items show in the statistical table. You can use this window to quickly adjust visible columns to reduce clutter in statistical tables.

The combo box at the top of the window lists some pre-defined column selections - All, Basic, Positional, History. If you make a custom selection by ticking and unticking appropriate table rows the save button will activate. Press the button to create a custom named column selection that will be then available in the combo box. This way you can create several column selections and switch between them very quickly using the combo box. To remove a custom column selection click the delete button next to the combo box.

tip You can tick/untick multiple items with a single click. First highlight the rows you wish to (un)tick - you can press Ctrl+A to select all rows. Then tick/untick one of the selected rows - all of the selected rows will be ticked/unticked as well.

You can even change the order of columns and thus more easily compare various statistical properties with each other. To change the order of columns in statistical table simply drag and drop table rows into desired position.


See also Statistics Options.