Package Winnings

Package Winnings window opens from menu Package - Show As - Winnings and displays Package tickets and the prizes they might have won in the lottery history. The first table column serves for ticket tagging. To tag a ticket click its first column. Click the first column again to untag it. The next columns contain ticket numbers and the last set of columns shows the count prizes each ticket would have won when compared with the selected range of past winning numbers draws.

The image above shows Package Winnings of several random combinations in Expert Lotto 6/49 demo lottery. You can see that for example ticket 3-14-23-27-42-47 would have won one 5th prize during the latest 10 draws. Ticket 5-6-16-31-40-44 would have won one 4th prize.

tip Hover mouse cursor above any table cell to see the latest matching draw.

Click Select button at the top of this window to choose which past winning numbers draws should be compared with Package tickets to calculate the winnings. 

Option Show tickets winning at least hides tickets that haven't won anything or won only lower prizes than the one selected in the combo box next to this option. If there are more than 100 tickets winning at least the selected prize, button Next becomes enabled and you can click it to display next 100 such Package tickets. Click button Previous to display previous batch of tickets winning the desired prize. To see the winnings for all Package tickets untick option Show tickets winning at least.

Button Summary displays a new window showing the summary count of winning tickets for each prize.

When one or more tickets are selected in the table the following changes happen in application's user interface:

Click menu File - Export or menu File - Print to export the table contents to a file or to print the table respectively.

Status bar at the bottom of this window shows the count of tickets in the Package and the index of currently selected ticket.

 You can resize prize columns by dragging column edge with your mouse.

 Use menu Edit - Find to search for a ticket with given numbers. Use menu Edit - Replace to change ticket numbers in currently selected ticket. Use menu Edit - Delete to remove currently selected ticket(s) from the Package. Menu commands Edit - Undo and Edit - Redo revert the results of the last Package operation.