Hot/Cold Numbers

These statistics show the count of hot numbers and the count of cold numbers in analyzed draws or tickets. Numbers are hot when they have been drawn very frequently in the last few draws, cold numbers are those which haven't been drawn at all or only once or twice in the last few draws.

The minimum count of hits of hot numbers and the maximum allowed hits of cold numbers are adjustable in application options under menu Tools - Options - Number Coloring - Hot/Cold.

If you analyze the whole winning numbers database of Expert Lotto 6/49 Demo lottery you will find out that winning numbers very frequently contain 0 to 2 cold numbers from previous draws. There are also very often 0 to 2 hot numbers in any past draw.
Note: the example above applies to Hot/Cold options set to Maximum frequency of cold numbers: 1, Minimum frequency of hot numbers: 4, Scan for hot/cold numbers in 20 latest draws.

These statistics are available in summary form and also as per-ticket properties.

See also Hot/Cold Numbers filter and Hot/Cold Numbers coloring.