Ticket Index Movement

This filter compares the ticket index of filtered tickets with the index of the latest past winning numbers draw. The filter accepts tickets that have given distance from the selected latest draw in the list of all possible combinations. The lowest possible ticket index movement value is 0.0 meaning that the ticket numbers are the same as in the latest draw. The highest possible value is 0.999999999. This happens only if ticket numbers are 1-2-3-4-5-6 and the latest winning numbers are 44-45-46-47-48-49 or vice versa (applies to 6/49 lottery).

To use the filter, first select past winning number draws to compare filtered tickets with. Please note that only the very latest draw from the selected draws is used when calculating ticket index movement. Then enter the desired range for ticket index movement value.

Note: The number of decimal places in input fields depends on the number of decimal places selected in Options window.

Example - Expert Lotto 6/49 Demo Lottery

When filter settings are Winning Numbers: 10 latest draws, Ticket index movement min: 0.0001, max: 0.0002 then the filtered tickets are being compared with the latest draw 2010/28 Sun 2nd. The winning numbers for that draw are 23-29-36-42-44-47-[7] and their ticket index is 13,737,320.

See also Ticket Index Range filter and Ticket Index Movement statistical property.