How to activate the license key

If you have just received email with Expert Lotto license key, please follow the steps below to activate the license and unlock all application features.

1. Start Expert Lotto.

2. Click menu Help - Enter License Key.

3. License Key Activation wizard opens.

4. Switch to your email application and open the message you received your license key in.

5. Select the license key text using your mouse. The license key text starts with LICENSE_BEGIN and ends with LICENSE_END. Make sure you have selected the whole license text including those two words. The license key text is usually quite long and spans multiple lines of text.

6. Copy the selected text to system clipboard. MS Windows users can press CTRL+C keys, Mac users can press Command+C keys. Or you can right-click the selected text and choose Copy from popup menu.

7. Switch back to Expert Lotto and click into the Enter License Key field.

8. Paste the license text from system clipboard into that field. MS Windows users can press CTRL+V keys, Mac users can press Command+V keys. Alternatively you can press 'paste' button at the top right corner of License Key Activation window: paste button

9. Press button Next at the bottom of License Key Activation wizard window.

10. If you have entered a valid license key, the wizard will show your until when you will be receiving free application updates. If you have entered trial license key, the wizard will show you when the trial expires. If you have entered an expired registration key, the wizard will prompt you to enter license renewal key in the next step.

11. Click button Next to continue.

12. The activation wizard will prompt you to restart Expert Lotto to finish the activation. After restart all application features will be unlocked and available. Your license details - name, street address, email - will be showing in application's About box.

13. Make a backup copy of the email with your license key. You may need it again when installing Expert Lotto on a new computer or after hard drive crash.

Alternatively you can watch this video:


If Expert Lotto rejects your license key, it is probably for one the following reasons:

  • The trial license key is expired. Trial license key is valid for limited time only - usually for 30 days. After that period the license key is invalid and cannot be used to unlock disabled Expert Lotto features. You need to register Expert Lotto or purchase a new trial license.
  • If you have already registered your copy of Expert Lotto, purchased application updates renewal and now you need to install the application to a new computer, you must enter registration license key first before activating your renewed license. Only registered version of Expert Lotto accepts application updates renewals. If you don't have the email with your registration license, contact us and we'll send you a new one for free. See also here.
  • Registration license key can activate only those versions of Expert Lotto that were released within one year since the license key issue date. If you need to reinstall Expert Lotto from scratch, for example to a new computer or because of hard disk crash, and your registration license is older than one year, you must contact us first. We will send you a special link to download an older version of Expert Lotto which you can activate with your old registration license. If you want to use the latest version of Expert Lotto, you must renew your application updates.
  • You didn't select and copy the whole license text. Make sure the license text in License Key Activation window includes the starting LICENSE_BEGIN and ends with LICENSE_END.
  • You have entered a compromised license key. It is illegal to make your license key publicly available on internet or share it in any other way with anyone. Shared license keys will be black-listed and Expert Lotto will stop accepting them.


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December 24th, 2020

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December 23rd, 2017

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