Main Toolbars

Toolbars at the top of the main application window offer quick access to some of frequently used application features. All toolbars can be switched on or off using menu View - Toolbars. Alternatively you can right-click empty space in the toolbar area to invoke popup menu. You can drag and drop any toolbar to change its position in the toolbar area.

To customize to toolbars choose menu View - Toolbars - Customize or select the same action from toolbar's popup menu. This opens a new window listing all available toolbar actions which you can drag and drop to any toolbar. To remove an existing action from a toolbar drag and drop that action out of the toolbar area. Menu action View - Toolbars - Reset Toolbars restores the default toolbar set and their actions.


  - opens a new Complex Filter window.
new_analyzer.png  - opens Ticket Analyzer wizard.
new_custom_analyzer.png  - opens a new Custom Analyzer window.
open_lottery.png  - opens a new lottery.
save.png  - saves changes to a complex filter or custom analyzer to disk.
saveAll.gif  - saves all modified complex filters or custom analyzers to disk.
export.png  - exports currently selected table.
print.png  - prints currently selected table.


cut.gif  - cuts currently selected content and puts into the system clipboard.
copy.gif  - copies currently selected content and puts into the system clipboard.
paste.gif  - pastes content from the system clipboard.


undo.gif  - reverts the results of the last action.
redo.gif  - reverts the last Undo action.


pkg_insert_tickets.png  - inserts into the Package tickets whose numbers are entered using keyboard.
pkg_insert_file.png  - insert tickets from selected file.
random_numbers.png  - inserts combinations of randomly generated numbers.
full_wheel.png  - inserts all possible combinations of selected numbers.
pkg_save.png  - stores Package contents to a file.
pkg_filter.png  - removes some tickets from the Package using built-in filters.
analyze_pkg.png  - opens Package tickets Analyzer.
pkg_winnings.png  - checks winnings of Package tickets.
coverage.png  - calculates the minimum win guarantee for Package tickets.
print_playslips.png  - prints Package tickets to paper playslips.
pkg_no_duplicates.png  - ensures that each ticket is present in the Package only once.
pkg_sort_asc.png  - sorts tickets in ascending order.
pkg_sort_desc.png  - sorts tickets in descending order.
pkg_shuffle.png  - randomly changes the order of tickets in the Package.
pkg_swap_numbers.png  - replace selected ticket numbers with other numbers.
pkg_masked_numbers.png  - opens window for working with tickets with masked positions.
pkg_clear.png  - restores previous Package contents.
pkg_clear.png  - reverts the last Undo operation.
pkg_clear.png  - removes all tickets from the Package.

Tagged Tickets

pkg_remove_tagged.png  - removes tagged tickets from the Package.
pkg_keep_tagged.png  - leaves in the Package only tagged tickets.
pkg_clear_tags.png  - removes the tagging flag from all tickets in the Package.
pkg_invert_tags.png  - tagged tickets become untagged and untagged tickets become tagged.

Number Coloring

Turns number coloring on/off, also selects number coloring layouts.

What If

Toggles what-if ticket numbers on/off.

Cut-off Draw Date 

Turns cut-off draw date on/off.


Show the amount of available free memory. Clicking this toolbar attempts to release obsolete internal objects to free some more memory.


Has a spinner field where you can quickly and conveniently adjust the count of History levels.


Has just a single text input field you can use for various temporary notes. It is also possible to copy/paste any ticket numbers into this field.