System Bet

Some lotteries allow to play more than the regular count of numbers in a single bet. For example some lottery operators allow to play 9 or 10 numbers in a 6/xx lottery. It is usually called system bet.

There are 210 possible ways to pick six numbers from a pool of ten numbers. So if you play a single ten number line in a system bet you are actually 210 combinations of six numbers in a regular 6/xx lottery. Playing five such system bet lines covers 1050 combinations of six numbers - althoug some numbers will overlap so the actual coverage will be slightly lower.

You can use menu Package - System Bet to create such a system bet from tickets in the Package. First you must choose how many numbers are to be added to each ticket in the Package. The more numbers you choose the smaller the resulting system bet. Naturally system bets are more expensive when adding more numbers.

Next you must choose how many tickets you want to cover in your system bet. Selecting 100% ensures that the resulting system bet wheel includes all tickets in the Package. Lowering the percentage to e.g. 95% means that about 5% of Package tickets will be missing in the system bet. However such option may greatly reduce the system bet size thus lowering the cost of the bet.

Option Algorithm preference allows to get smaller (and cheaper) system bet when set to smaller resulting wheel or you can create the system bet faster by selecting shorter processing time. However in this case the resulting wheel will be slightly larger.

After pressing OK button the application will open a new window where you can track the progress of system bet creation. Current coverage shows how many Package tickets are covered in the system bet so far. Combinations count shows how many lines the system bet has. You can abort the process any time when you see the coverage is high enough.

Note: This feature is available for Jackpot-like lotteries only. It does not work for Pick-N and Powerball lotteries.