Winning Numbers Charts

Menu command Winning Numbers - Show As - Charts opens Winning Numbers Charts window showing statistical properties of selected past draws in a chart. Click Select button to choose past draws to be displayed in the chart. Use Show combo box to switch the chart content to a different statistical property.

You can compare the trend of currently selected statistical property with other properties. Click button Compare With at the top of this window to open a new dialog window listing all available charts. Tick the statistical properties you wish to compare the current chart with and the press OK button. This way you can display for example the chart showing Ticket Sum values and the chart showing Sum Root together.

tip Hover mouse cursor above any chart point to see draw date and numerical value associated with that point.

tip Click any chart point to see winning numbers from the corresponding draw date in Ticket Properties and Ticket Panel windows respectively.

tip Click menu Winning Numbers - Predictions to run automated predictions of future values of displayed statistical properties.

tip You can export the chart as a JPG or PNG image using menu File - Export.

See also Winning Numbers Properties.