Resize Lottery

Menu Tools - Lottery - Resize starts Resize Lottery wizard wizard where you can adjust the count of main ticket numbers and/or merge bonus number(s) into main numbers.

When the wizard is finished a new lottery will be created. The new lottery will have the same set of past winning numbers as the current lottery.

There are several steps when resizing a lottery:

1. Introduction

A brief description of the wizard window.

2. Resize

Tick main ticket positions you wish to use in the new lottery. 
If the current lottery draws any bonus or powerball numbers there are tick boxes to include the bonus numbers in the new lottery. If the bonus number comes from the same pool as the main numbers you can merge that bonus into main numbers.

You can also select how many main numbers Package tickets will have in the new modified lottery.

A table at the bottom of the wizard window shows how past winning numbers draws will look like in the new modified lottery.

3. Winning Combinations

Choose which combinations of matching numbers are the winning ones by ticking the Is Winning? column. Highlight any matching combination in the table and use Move Up and Move Down buttons to move it up or down in the list.
You can also change the default prize names in the Prize column by double-clicking the appropriate table cell and typing a new name.

4. Rename

Enter the name of the modified lottery, short description and lottery web site address. This info will show in application's About box (menu Help - About - Lottery).

5. Destination

Click button Browse to select the folder the modified lottery will be stored in. The selected folder must be empty.

Click button Finish to finish the Resize Lottery wizard. The wizard will create a new lottery using the settings you've just modified and the same winning numbers database as the current lottery. The current lottery with old settings still remains on your hard disk.

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