Playslip Setup Wizard

Playslip Layout Wizard opens from Playslips window. It can be used to design a new playslip layout or to customize an existing one. The playslip design consists of several steps:

1. Name

Enter playslip name and the name of the country the lottery is being played in. The playslip name should usually match the name of the lottery it is being designed for.

Also select the measurement units you will be using when entering playslip dimensions.

2. Playslip Size

Playslip width and playslip height refer to the width and height of the whole paper playslip respectively. 

Single number box dimension define the width and height of a small square that is used to mark a single ticket number on the playslip. You can choose the shape and color of the mark in appropriate combo boxes.

Important: Turn the paper playslip to align the numbers in playslip's grids in the same way as displayed in Ticket Panel window before taking any measurements! The position of the lowest number, the ordering of numbers (left-to-right, top-to-bottom) and the number of columns and rows must match exactly the Ticket Panel window otherwise the ticket numbers will be printed at wrong positions.

3. Panel Dimensions

Pool numbers are usually arranged into a grid with several columns and rows. Enter the width and height of the grid into edit fields. When designing playslip layout for a Powerball lottery you must also enter the dimensions of grids for powerball numbers.

Note: The current lottery defines the number of columns, the number of rows and the ordering of numbers in each grid. If these settings do not match the paper playslip you need to first create a new lottery before designing its playslip layout.

4. Panels Layout

Select how many tickets you can print to a single paper playslip. Then enter the location of each number grid. When designing playslip layout for a Powerball lottery you must also enter the location of grids for powerball numbers.

5. Extra Boxes

Extra boxes on a playslip are usually used to select the amount of money to bet or how many times the bet should repeat. First enter the count of such boxes on your playslip then enter the location of each box. Also provide descriptive names for extra boxes - they will show in Print to playslips window.

6. Page Numbers

When printing to playslips it is possible to print also the indexes of tickets printed on the playslip. It might be useful when printing to a large number of playslips and one or more playslips failed to print correctly, e.g. because the paper loader didn't load the playslip straight. Then you can print again just the playslips that failed instead of re-printing the whole batch of playslips.

Enter the location where the ticket numbers should be printed at. You should pick a location that doesn't affect number grids otherwise the printed playslip may be rejected by scanning machine in lottery agent shop.

7. Layout Review

Finally review the complete playslip layout and make sure it matches the actual paper playslip. Click button Print to make a test print out to a plain letter size paper and try matching the printed sheet with the paper playslip. If the test printout differs from the paper playslip use button Previous in the wizard window to repeat the wizard's step and fix the errors.

 Hover mouse cursor above edit fields in wizard window to see an image tooltip providing a visual hint which measurements are to be taken.