New Lottery

Menu File - New - Lottery starts New Lottery Wizard where you can pick one of the ready-to-play lotteries or create a custom lottery. There are several steps when creating a new lottery:

1. Select Lottery

Choose any lottery from the list of lotteries that are available at Expert Lotto web server. Click table header to sort the list either by the country of origin or by the lottery name. When hovering mouse cursor over any table row a short lottery description pops up. Clicking button Next downloads the lottery and the wizard continues with Step 9.
Note: Internet connection is required when Available lotteries option is selected.

If you find out that the selected lottery is out-date, for example because the lottery rules have changed or because there are mistakes in lottery winning numbers database, please click Report obsolete lottery button to the right of the Available lotteries table. It will open an email window addressed to Expert Lotto support team where you can describe what is wrong with selected lottery. After receiving this email Expert Lotto team will attempt to address the problem in one of the next application updates.

If the lottery you want to play isn't listed in the Available lotteries table, click Create other lottery option and then choose button Next to continue with wizard's next step.

2. Name

Enter lottery name, short description and lottery web site address. This info will show in application's About box (menu Help - About - Lottery).

3. Type

When creating a Jackpot or Keno lottery select option All numbers from the same pool.
When setting up a Powerball lottery which draws main numbers from the same pool and one or more powerball numbers from separate pool(s) select option One or more additional numbers from a different pool.
To create a Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery which draws each number from a separate pool select the last option.

4. Number Pools

Note: The content of this wizard step differs according to lottery type selected in Step 3.


Enter the count of main numbers into the first field. If you're setting up a Jackpot lottery which draws bonus numbers enter their count into the next field, enter zero into that field when creating a Keno lottery.
Next choose the lowest and highest number in the pool.
Jackpot lotteries draw the same count of main numbers as the count of numbers marked on a playslip, Keno lotteries draw more numbers than how many are marked on a playslip.
You can also choose whether the winning numbers in each draw are sorted in ascending order or whether you want to keep them in the original draw order.


The first part of this wizard step is the same as for Jackpot lotteries but you must also define the pool(s) for Powerball number(s). 
If the lottery draws e.g. two powerball numbers from a pool of 35 then enter "2" into bonus numbers field and select that Bonus 1 ranges from 1 to 35. Then click the combo box, pick Bonus 2 from the popup list and also enter 1 to 35 into the pool range fields. You can pick any name for the Powerball pool - Mega Ball, Extra Ball, Power Ball - to match your lottery rules.
If the lottery draws e.g. two additional numbers from the same pool as the main numbers and 1 powerball from a separate pool of 5 numbers then enter "3" into bonus numbers fields.
Select the same pool range as the main number pool range for Bonus 1 and Bonus 2. Then pick Bonus 3 and enter "1" and "5" into pool range fields.

Pick 3/4

Select how many numbers are drawn and the size of each number pool.
Note: There are special matching rules for Pick 3 lotteries (e.g. 3-way box, front pair etc) and for Pick 4 lotteries (e.g. 12-way box). Lotteries that draw more than four numbers have only simplified ticket matching rules.

5. Draw Dates

Choose how the date of each draw will look like:

6. Schedule

  1. Select which day a new week starts on by clicking appropriate button. This option is required to correctly order the draws in various tables and lists.
  2. Choose which days of week the numbers are drawn on. 
  3. Some lotteries draw multiple sets of winning numbers on the same day. For example there are mid-day and evening draws in some Pick 3 lotteries. Use the combo box to define the count of number sets and enter number set names into the appropriate fields.
  4. The lottery start date is for convenience only as it is used to find draws that are missing in your winning numbers database.

Make sure that these settings actually match the draw schedule of your lottery. Otherwise you might have problems when importing past winning numbers or when updating your winning numbers database online.

7. Winning Combinations

Choose which combinations of matching numbers are the winning ones by ticking the Is Winning? column. Highlight any matching combination in the table and use Move Up and Move Down buttons to move it up or down in the list.
You can also change the default prize names in the Prize column by double-clicking the appropriate table cell and typing a new name.

8. Ticket Panel

Define the layout of numbers in a ticket panel to match the paper playslip. If you are creating a powerball lottery you must define panel layout for additional pool(s) as well.
Although these settings are not mandatory and you can keep wizard's default values there is a filter and statistics that are based on ticket panel layout.

9. Destination

Click button Browse to select the folder the lottery will be stored in. The selected folder must be empty.

Click button Finish to finish the New Lottery Wizard and start playing the new lottery.

Read more on lottery management here.

See also Edit Lottery Settings wizard and Resize Lottery wizard.