Numbers At Positions

This filter accepts tickets with selected numbers at selected ticket positions.

To use the filter, first tick the ticket position(s) you wish to filter. Then enter the desired numbers into appropriate edit field(s). The numbers must be separated by comma (,) character. The order of number in the edit fields is not significant. Alternatively, you can click Select button to open Select Numbers window and choose the desired numbers on the ticket panel using your mouse.


Filtering with settings Position 1: 1,2,3, Position 6: 49,48,47, At least 2 to 2 positions must pass accepts tickets like 3-20-30-40-42-49 because its first and last numbers are the ones selected in filter's condition. Ticket e.g. 1-20-21-30-35-40 is rejected because number 40 is not allowed to be in the last ticket position.

See also Ticket Positions statistics.