Filter List

Filters window opens from menu Tools - Filters and lists all filters available for current lottery. You can drag and drop filters from this window into Complex Filter designer or you can double-click any filter to filter tickets in the Package. Package filtering is enabled only when the Package isn't empty.

You can reorganize the filters tree by dragging and dropping filters into different categories. To create a new filter category, right-click in the Filters window and select New Category from the popup menu. To remove a filter or category from the list, right-click the filter/category and select Delete from the popup menu. Select Reset Filters in the popup menu to restore all deleted filters.

You can add saved Complex Filters to the Filters window by invoking Add Filter Reference from window's popup menu. This way you can conveniently access your frequently used Complex Filters.

Note: Filter labeled From file provides access to Complex Filters on your disk. When dropped to a Complex Filter window or when double-clicked for Package filtering it first opens a file browser window to select Complex Filter file(s) to use.

tip A little star in filter icon denotes filters that you haven't used yet or filters that were added in the latest application update.