Consecutive First/Last Digits

The filter accepts tickets that have the desired count of consecutive first or last digits. Each pool number breaks down into two digits. The first digit is the leading digit of the number, the last digit is the second digit of the number. For example the first digit of number 23 is 2, the last digit of that number is 3. The first digit of number 9 is 0, the last digit of that number is 9.
Digits are consecutive if each digit is one higher than the preceding digit. For example digits 5,6,7 are consecutive, digits 5,7,9 aren't consecutive.

Important: Last digit sequences like 15-16-17-18-20-23 are always interpreted as four consecutive digits (5,6,7,8), such combinations are never treated as two pairs of consecutive digits or one triplet of consecutive digits. The same applies to first digits.


See also Consecutive Numbers filter.