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MetaTrader 4 is a platform for online trading in Forex, CFD and Futures markets. The application also offers a wide array of tools for statistical analysis of market data. The distribution of MetaTrader 4 contains a lot of features, additional functions are downloadable from internet. MetaTrader 4 has even its own scripting language which allows the creation of customized analytical tools. Using its various indicators it is easier to estimate the future changes in the market. The application is localized to many languages and has detailed documentation.

You can download and install MetaTrader 4 here.

Most statistical charts in Expert Lotto 5 are very similar to stock exchange data. Therefore we added a new feature to Expert Lotto 5 which allows exporting statistical charts to MetaTrader 4. Then you can leverage MetaTrader's analytical tools to better estimate changes in statistical properties for the next draw.

Important: If you have no experience with stock exchange trading nor any experience with statistical analysis of time-based data series then we don't recommend using MetaTrader 4.

Install optional plugin

Exports to MetaTrader 4 are available in an optional plugin which is not part of the regular distribution of Expert Lotto 5. You must install this plugin first.

Note: Internet connection is required to install this plugin.

  1. Click menu Tools - Plugins and switch to Settings tab.

  2. Activate Additional Plugins Updates in the table on the left.

  3. Switch to Available Plugins tab and click button Reload Catalog.

  4. In the table below then select MetaTrader 4 Integration plugin and click button Install. Then follow wizard's instructions to install that plugin.

After installing the plugin you will see a new item in the main menu Tools - Meta Trader 4.

How to export data to MetaTrader 4

  1. Install MetaTrader 4 from this location..

  2. Install the optional plugin using the steps above.

  3. Close MetaTrader 4 if it is running.

  4. In Expert Lotto 5 click menu Tools - MetaTrader 4 to start export wizard.

  5. In the first wizard screen browse the folder you installed MetaTrader 4 to. Please read these instructions when using MS Windows 7 or MS Windows Vista.

  6. Next choose the past draws that will be exported to MetaTrader 4.

  7. In the next wizard screen tick the statistics to be calculated from the past draws selected in previous step.

  8. The last wizard screen contains some settings for the exported data.
    If option Random volume is selected then each tick in the exported charts will have associated a pseudo-random volume of transactions. If your indicators or strategies in MetaTrader 4 do not depend on market volume then you can turn this option off. Each chart tick will have just one transaction.
    Option Value offset is a constant to be added to each chart tick. It is necessary to correctly display negative values produced by some Expert Lotto statistics. MetaTrader 4 cannot handle negative values.

  9. Click button Finish at the bottom of the wizard window to start the calculation of statistical values. You can watch this process at the lower right corner of the main application window.

  10. When the calculation process is finished, start MetaTrader 4.

  11. If you don't see login window click menu File - Login.

  12. Leave Login and Password fields empty and enter ExpertLotto5 into Server field. Then click Login button.

  13. Naturally, MetaTrader 4 will not connect to any market server but it will let you open offline charts produced by Expert Lotto 5. Click menu File - Open Offline to see a list of charts exported from Expert Lotto 5.

  14. Highlight any chart using your mouse and click Open button.
    Note: Charts names are shortened because MetaTrader 4 allows 12 characters at most in a market symbol name.

  15. Selected chart will show up. Each chart tick corresponds to a particular draw. If the lottery draws more than one set of winning numbers on the same day, one hour is added to each draw date. Chart tick values correspond to the values of statistical properties calculated in Expert Lotto plus the offset constant entered in wizard window.

If you wish to make a new export to MetaTrader 4, start with step 3 above.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista Issues

If you are using MS Windows 7 or MS Windows Vista operating systems then the export wizard will probably complain that it is not possible to write to the selected output folder. The default installation folder for MetaTrader 4 application is C:\Program Files and the security features of operating system do not allow write access to that folder. It is protection against viruses and other malware. You can work-around this problem in several ways:

  • Recommended: When installing MetaTrader 4 pick other target folder than C:\Program Files. Install the application for example to folder C:\MetaTrader4.

  • Run Expert Lotto 5 with administrator privileges. The application will have write access to all folders in C:\Program Files. Right-click Expert Lotto 5 shortcut to open its context menu and choose Run as administrator.

  • Create a new folder on your disk, for example C:\MetaTrader4Exports and in wizard's window enter full path to this folder. At the bottom of the wizard screen you will see a warning that the given folder is not MetaTrader 4 installation folder. When the calculation of statistics in step 9 is finished, run Windows Explorer and manually copy the contents of this folder to MetaTrader 4 installation folder. Usually it is in C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4. Then continue with step 10 above.

MetaTrader 4 Setup


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