Add Winning Numbers

Menu Winning Numbers - Add opens a new window listing all draws that are missing in your winning numbers database up to the current calendar date. Use this feature regularly to keep your winning numbers up-to-date. Most lotteries publish their winning numbers in news papers and/or on internet. If there are many draws missing in your database then it is better to use Winning Numbers Import wizard or Winning Numbers Online Update (if available for your lottery).

Click any row in the table, enter winning numbers for the selected draw date into edit fields and then click button Add.

Option Jackpot winner allows marking the selected draw date as Jackpot winning draw. That means that some lottery player got all the winning numbers right on that draw date and won the Jackpot / 1st prize.

Click button No Draw if no winning numbers were drawn on the selected date(s). This may happen when a draw was cancelled, e.g. because of public holiday.

When you are done adding new draws, click button Save to store the changes to disk and refresh all application windows that display winning numbers.
Button Cancel reverts all changes and keeps the winning numbers database intact.

 When entering ticket numbers prepend single-digit numbers with zero to automatically move input focus into the next number field. For example enter "01" instead of "1".

Note: This window list only scheduled missing draws. If you need to enter winning numbers for a draw made out of the regular schedule then you must use Winning Numbers Manager. For example a lottery draws winning numbers on Wednesdays and Saturdays and one of Saturday's draws was postponed to Sunday to avoid a public holiday on Saturday. Mark the Saturday draw date as void using No Draw button in this window and open Winning Numbers Manager to add winning numbers for Sunday draw date.