Expert Lotto ships with a growing list of pre-defined lotteries of all types from around the world. And if your favorite lottery isn't available you can still setup a new custom lottery. The predefined lotteries include the database of past winning numbers. However our resources are limited so we cannot track the winning numbers of all the lotteries nor can we guarantee 100% accuracy of the drawn numbers. You must contact the lottery commission or search internet to find missing draws to make your winning numbers database up-to-date. Custom-created lotteries have no winning numbers and you must import the past draws yourself.

Each lottery created with New Lottery wizard is stored in a separate folder on your disk. To open the lottery you must click menu File - Open Lottery and browse that folder. There can be only a single lottery in each folder. However you can use the New Lottery wizard to create multiple instances of the same lottery in different folders. Alternatively you can just copy the whole lottery folder to a new location.  Do not create any lotteries in application's installation folder. You may loose your data when upgrading to a new application version or when uninstalling the application.

Each lottery folder contains the following files:

It is recommended to store all lottery related files - wheel files, complex filters, custom analyzers etc. - in the same lottery folder.

It is a good practise to backup your lottery folders from time to time - just use any file backup software available for your operating system.

If you no longer want to play some lottery, just make sure it isn't currently opened in Expert Lotto and simply delete its whole folder.

To find more information about the current lottery in Expert Lotto click menu Help - About and switch to Lottery tab.

 Click button to the right of the lottery name field to create a ZIP file with a backup copy of your lottery settings. The created ZIP contains only the lottery settings and winning numbers database, it does NOT include any other files from the lottery folder. This way you can share the lottery with other Expert Lotto users.

 Click button to the right of the lottery folder field to open that folder in default file browser application.


See also lottery management tools.