Latest History

Latest History window shows the history of numbers in the main pool for the selected past winning numbers draws. The window opens from menu History - Latest.

The field at the top of the window shows the past draws the Number History is calculated from. Click Select button to select a different part of winning numbers database for the Latest History window.

 You can open multiple Latest History windows - right-click the window header and select Clone Document from its popup menu.

The actual latest History is presented in two forms - Number History and Segmentation. Click buttons at the top left corner of the window to switch between Number History and Segmentation tables.

Number History

This table shows how many draws elapsed since the eleven latest occurrences of each number in the pool. The historical occurrences are called Levels. Level 0 represents the very latest occurrence of each number, Level 1 corresponds to previous occurrence of each number etc. The count of levels is adjustable in History settings.

The screen shot above shows Number History of Expert Lotto 6/49 demo lottery. From the table you can see that the latest occurrence of number 1 happened 5 draws ago. The second latest occurrence of number 1 happened 16 draws ago, that's a difference of 11 draws since the very latest occurrence as given in square brackets. The third latest occurrence of number 1 was 20 draws ago which is a difference of 4 draws from the second latest occurrence of that number. The same applies for other pool numbers and other Levels.

You can use Show as combo box to change the table format to show:

Note: In case of Level 0 the History value and the Difference value are the same as there's no previous Level to compare the History value with. History/Difference value 1 in Level 0 means that the given number hit in the very latest draw.

The difference value is very important as it divides the whole number pool into several segments:

Note: You can customize the Segments in History settings.

The segmentation of pool numbers is different for each History Level because the Difference values of a given pool number differ in each Level. See also the Segmentation table description below.

hint Hover mouse cursor over table header to show the count of numbers from each History segment in given Level. For example tooltip in table column for Level 1 showing
29, diff sum: 73
13, diff sum: 121
7, diff sum: 174
means that there are 29 numbers in Level 1 with the differences from 1 to 6 and the sum of their differences is 73, 13 numbers with the differences from 7 to 12 with total sum of differences 121 and 7 numbers with the differences 13 and higher and their sum of differences is 174.

hint Click column header of any Level to sort the Number History table in ascending or descending order.

hint Ticket filters History Number Differences and History Number Differences + Odd/Even are based the Differences of pool numbers.

The sum of all History values for each Level column is available at the bottom of this Number History table. The very last row in this table, labeled What If, shows how Summary History values would change if given numbers were drawn:

The screen shot above shows that the latest Sum History in Level 0 is 376 (in Expert Lotto 6/49 demo lottery). If numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6-[7] were drawn in the next draw then the Sum History in Level 0 would change to 372, which a difference of -4 when compared to the current latest draw. Sum History in Level 1 would change from 744 to 759, which is a difference of +15 etc.

Naturally, you can enter your own numbers into What If toolbar or use e.g. tickets in the Package as What If numbers, read more here. Note that current What If numbers are highlighted with black border in Number column and that the whole Number History table is recalculated as if the highlighted numbers were actually drawn.


Segmentation table shows Number History differences values. The first table column lists all History differences found in a given level while table rows list all pool numbers with the given History difference.


tip When playing e.g. 6/xx lottery you can use your mouse to select six table cells (i.e. six pool numbers) and then click button button in the toolbar to add the selected numbers as a new ticket into the Package.

From the picture above you can see that History difference value 1 applies to pool numbers 23, 29, 36, 42, 44, 47, which are the winning numbers for the latest draw. Second table row lists 5 numbers with History difference of 2, they are 6, 13, 14, 19, 41. The same applies to other table rows. There is only one number - 45 - with the highest History difference value of 34.

Note that background color separates pool numbers into appropriate Segments according to their History differences. These colors are also automatically available in Number Coloring toolbar.

hint Current What If numbers are highlighted with black border in the Segmentation table.

hint Hovering mouse cursor in Count column shows a tooltip describing the count of numbers in given Segment, the average History difference value and the sum of all History differences in the segment.

Status bar at the bottom of the window shows the minimum and maximum possible Summary History difference for current Level and the total count of numbers in each History segment:

Use Level combo box to see Segmentation table for other History Levels.

tip See also History Level Synchronization.

Button Draw Simulation toggles draw simulation pane where you can run several test draws and see summary statistics of changes in History values.

See also Summary History and My Estimates.