Sums History

This filter accepts tickets that produce History sum differences in given range in selected History Levels.

To use the filter, first click Select button to choose past winning numbers draws to calculate the History values from. Then tick History Levels you wish to filter in the table below and enter the desired minimum and maximum difference for each selected Level. Column Sum (Prev) shows the History Sum values corresponding to the latest draw from the selection of past winning numbers. Column Difference (Prev) is History sum difference corresponding to the latest draw (History sum of the latest draw minus the History sum value of the second latest draw from the selection of past winning numbers). Column Range shows the selected range of History values for given Level.
With option At least X to Y levels must pass you can specify the minimum and maximum count of selected Levels that must have the History value in the given range to pass the whole filter.

Optional condition The difference in X to Y levels  is at most A to B makes the filter more strict by specifying the minimum and maximum difference for several History Levels. Note: If the range specified by values A and B is bigger than the ranges in all selected Levels then this additional condition has no effect on filtering results.
See also In Range Differences statistics.

hint You can tick/untick multiple Levels with a single click - select table rows you wish to modify using your mouse and then click into the Level column of one of the selected rows.

hint You can increment or decrement differences in multiple table cells using your keyboard - select table cells your wish to modify and then press CTRL+up arrow key to increment values in all selected cell. Press CTRL+down arrow key to decrement values in all selected cells.

hint You can paste the differences from system clipboard. For example highlight two rows or two columns of cells in MS Excel, press CTRL+C to copy the highlighted values into system clipboard, click into the table in filter window and press CTRL+V to paste the values as new filter parameters. Pasting a single row or a single column of cells inserts the values into both Min and Max columns respectively.

Note: When using this filter from My Estimates window, most of the filter settings are already preselected.

Example - Expert Lotto 6/49 Demo Lottery